Turn Your Interests Into A Profitable Online Business

How To Create A "Grow Unique" Style Business:

It's possible to transform your unique thoughts, interests, skills and knowledge into a system that enables you to grow yourself, while expanding your income and impact on the world and people around you.

In this post, we'll go over how to identify your passions, nurture them into good ideas, and monetise them effectively by leveraging the internet.

These are some baseline signposts that give you an overall idea of how it works.

Explore Your Interests:

A great questions is: "If i could do whatever i want and it didn't feel like work, cause i just naturally want to do it anyway, what would it be?", and if something comes up that feels like you hear yourself saying "there's no way i'd be allowed to do that as a job, or make money doing that", then you're starting to get closer.

Transforming your interests into an online business is self-discovery. Reflect on what truly resonated with you. Think about things you find easy and don't drain your energy. List out what comes up.

From there you can begin to see ideas that are more in your true nature arise and start to play with them. In this new economy people create their own jobs based off their unique interests and desire to find alignment in expressing who they are. Almost anything is possible right now to create an income.

You just need to choose it and start moving in that direction. As you do then the steps start to emerge on what to do next.

The Japanese practice of Ikagai is a process of finding the intersection of your skills, passions and interests.

The Basic Model

The basic model of your unique business can be broken down in a more simplified way to keep you focused.

1. Finding and attracting your audience

- (social media, content, networking, ads,)

2. Converting your audience into customers

- (email, sales pages, funnels, asking them to buy)

3. Providing a product or service to your customers

- (good value, solves their problems, delivered online for leverage)

Yes, you need to learn skills in order to run a business like this. But a lot of things can be learnt very quickly and with all the tools and resources now available things are much simpler than you might expect.

Also things you don't want to do in your business can easily be done by someone else. The internet is powerful for this! So don't get overwhelmed or let it stop you moving forward.

Take action, make mistakes, find answers, and keep going!

How Do You Be More Unique?

As you begin to focus on your interests with a little more depth and you begin to create content around it (to attract your audience), you will begin to have a more clear way of viewing and clarifying the problems you are solving.

So even if your interests and business are the same as others to start, as you begin to flesh out your own unique way of seeing and commenting on it while using it in your life, your unique way of seeing things starts to grow on itself and propel itself to new places you hadn't expected. New ideas emerge. Unique perspectives start popping into your head when you least expect it.

As your interests then expand into new territory as you grow as a person, you also gain new ways of seeing these newer interests. And usually at a higher quality level because you've bothered to condense your thoughts and ideas around topics in a clearer way.

This then starts to give you unique authority, opinions and confidence within yourself to keep sharing your new perspectives.

Your content starts to become the projection of your unique way of seeing your interests and it begins to create a world for others to explore.

You also have the freedom to then pivot into any area that interests you whenever you want and start creating products or services in any new areas that are getting your juices flowing.

Finding The Money:

There are various ways to monetise your passion and turn it into a profitable business. Some options:

- Products: Create and sell physical or digital products related to your interests. For example, if you love painting and are creating a unique personal brand around your art, you could sell your artwork, prints, or dropship art supplies. Or even online workshops on the right paints or materials for different projects, or tips about your process. People want to learn what you know and want to pay for it.

- Services: Offer services that cater to your expertise. If you are passionate about fitness, you could become a personal trainer, offer coaching sessions in person or online, or create online workout programs. You could do masterclasses in focused areas and deliver them to groups through Zoom then sell those masterclasses on your website for new people to buy.

There is a massive market in sharing your knowledge and expertise by offering online courses, workshops, or one-on-one coaching sessions. Many people are willing to pay to learn from someone who has mastered a particular skill.

People have a range of problems around your interests that they want to get solved. Some want cheap options and some want expensive more in depth help. It's generally best to have a range of price points you can offer.

You can create small focused options for the people not looking to spend a lot, things like:

- ebooks

- guides

- videos

- workbooks

- templates

- small trainings

- masterclasses

- group coaching

- focused tutoring

- small courses

Check out my free guide 7 Simple Income Streams For Online Creators to get more actionable ideas.

For the people that will spend more to get a better experience or more in depth specialised knowledge to solve their problems you can offer:

- hight ticket services

- coaching/consulting services

- higher priced courses or coaching programs

- custom experiences or physical products

These take more of your time and energy but these become your high priced products or services that are what enable you to scale your business to much larger profits and give you the freedom and flexibility to run your business how you want in a lifestyle that suits you.

To Finish:

Find your passions, nurture them through education and self discovery, and then monetising them online so you can begin to grow in your own unique way and live a life of more choice and freedom.

Simon - Grow Unique

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