Shift Your Focus And Increase Your Income

Take a look at your business. What do you do? Are you a freelance content creator, a fitness coach, a marketing consultant?

Whatever you do, chances are you're providing a generalised service, even if you've carved out a niche for yourself, and this may leave you missing golden opportunities.

Here's an example: Imagine you're a fitness coach and you offer a free consultation or a generic all in one coaching package.

While this may work for clients actively seeking a fitness coach, it poses a problem – it's too broad. I may not want a fitness coach right now, even though I might not be happy with my fitness levels and body, the whole idea hasn’t got me committed yet.

However, what if I see you, a fitness coach, offering focused consulting packages like these?

End your skinny-fat bodyweight cycle for good: It's much more specific, promising to teach how to end the cycle for people whose bodies tend towards skinny-fat often go through. Maybe you don’t feel like you need a fitness coach just yet, but this? If you can relate to it then you’re going to feel like it’s specifically tailored for you and maybe it’s the answer to that frustrating cycle. You’re much more likely to sign up for a few hours of coaching on this topic to find the blindspot you have that might be keeping you stuck.

Home workout plan for the busy professional: Many people are too busy to get to the gym and also neglect a home workout. But what if you could get them on a consulting call package and plan out the most time effective workout for their body type and busy schedule so they could get results when they can from home. That’s a great offer that a lot of well-paid professionals would be eager to take up.

Unbreakable Focus No Matter What: Building a new body is challenging due to countless distractions like social dinners, work gatherings, friend catch ups and family BBQ’s. If you had a 4-hour coaching program that taught me practical techniques, found what my triggers and blindspots were and then we followed up over a few weeks to dial it in, it might be something I could genuinely use. It might also sell better than just fitness coaching. 

Chances are, if you're a fitness coach, you're already helping your clients in these areas but bundling it into one comprehensive service. You're not segmenting it.

And this can work for whatever it is you do..

If you're a freelance video editor, do you only offer editing services, or do you offer:

  • A consulting package where you teach people how to edit their own reels and Youtube shorts

  • A package that audits someones videos as they are just starting their Youtube channel and shows them all the mistakes they’re making

  • A tutoring package that teaches them how to write effective messaging in their videos so people take action on their services?

These things might already be components of your larger projects, but you're leaving potential income on the table. You could break them into smaller, sellable services to attract new customers at different stages in their businesses and with a higher lifetime value.

This principle applies even if you were a mechanic thats never gone online before, you could offer focused training on how to change parts of an engine and charge $497 for it (online or offline) and even though maybe someone could find the info on Youtube, many people would prefer to pay for it (me included) because of the security in knowing that if i pay i know I’m going to get what i need as opposed to only hoping I’ve found the right info on my own!

What If I'm just a content creator on Instagram, TikTok or Youtube etc...?

Maybe you feel you don't have skills to offer as you just enjoy making videos and photos on social apps.

You just need to look at how you do what you do and see what parts you could teach to someone below you. If you have 5k followers on Instagram then you could create a 4 call package that shows someone how to reach their first 1k followers. You include how to edit photos and videos, how to network with other people, the best photos and videos to post and why, and how to write a great bio. A lot of people with only a few hundred followers would love a package like this and it makes more sense to learn from someone with a follower count closer to theirs that knows their current struggles as opposed to someone with 100k followers.

If you're not consulting at all, consider it, as long as you don't mind one-on-one work. Even if you don't have the title of a "consultant," you probably have specialised knowledge and skills to offer. Create packages, promote them, and open a new stream of income.

And off the back of this small focused consulting some people will want further more specialised help or high ticket products. And the rest give you more experience, testimonials, referrals and new ammunition for your product stack.

Even If you’re still just starting out with your business then look at your audience or target market and see where you could offer a focused solution to a widespread problem. Learn the skill that the audience wants solved and then start offering to help them solve it through some calls. It will grow and evolve.

This isn't groundbreaking, but are you implementing it? Or are you providing yet another run-of-the-mill global solution instead of offering smaller, laser-focused packages that cater to specific needs?

Get creative and you'll start to open up new income streams that will open new doorways you maybe couldn’t see before.

Need help with this? Jump on a call with me HERE and we can figure it out together.

Simon - Grow Unique

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