Whatever it is you do, there is a price/value spectrum. Take a minute and look at your range of services and find where you position yourself along this spectrum and the types of clients you typically serve. Perhaps, on a scale from one to ten, you find yourself at a 6 or 7.

This means there's a lot of money potentially left on the table if you're not tapping into the other numbers in that spectrum.

For example, let's say you're a 6 - maybe you're a Shopify store creator good at taking an existing Shopify site and adding in apps and tweaks that get better conversions. Your work is good, but you might not have the skills to set up more high level stuff for bigger budget companies that 9s and 10s are known for.

Likewise, you may not be interested in the basic-level tasks that 3s and 4s handle like uploading products into stores and writing out product descriptions either because they lack excitement or don't pay enough.

One easy way to establish an additional income stream is to find reliable people who excel in the other parts of the spectrum and create referral agreements with them.

By using this approach, you can unlock a flow of additional money in areas you don't want to work in anyway.

Consider the following scenario:

Your main service is a $1,500 Shopify site rebrand and you currently turn down the more basic $500 set up projects because they don't align with your preferences and end up taking too much time for what they’re worth. You could find someone who offers these services for $300 and begin offering $500 packages, which you can then outsource to them.

On the other end, if a client requires a $5,000 site upgrade and creative package that falls outside your comfort zone, you can find someone willing to provide it for $2,500 and delegate the job to them.

Also, if your workload is overflowing and you find it challenging to handle all the incoming work, you can find other people operating at your level (6s and 7s) and you can pass on tasks in exchange for a reasonable share of the revenue.

This approach allows you to focus on work that aligns with your comfort and happiness while keeping the door open to diverse types of projects. Naturally, it involves some additional management responsibilities, but if you're comfortable with it, you can harness this strategy to cultivate a valuable income stream.

By building a small, reliable collab team, you not only shield yourself from periods of excessive work but also gain access to work streams that were previously beyond your reach.

Take a bit of time and figure out where you sit on the spectrum and then take the time to find others that could be partners for you in the areas you aren't wanting to focus your time.

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